Essential Car Maintenance Tips for Beginners

Car enthusiasts and drivers know that they need to ensure that they take care of their car if they want a safe ride. That’s why they regularly and diligently check components from end to end – to ensure that everything’s in place and proper working condition. They know that if you want the best performance, you need to have the best components working for you and your car.

Some people think that proper car maintenance would entail a costly trip to the body shop for mechanics to look into the car inch by inch. However, that isn’t the case as there are several things that even the most novice drivers can do on their own. Here are some of the essential car maintenance tasks you can do in your spare time.

Check the horn 

One of the first things you check is your horn. Does it still sound properly? Is it loud enough for other drivers to acknowledge your presence on the road? If the sound isn’t full or there’s a significant disparity in the quality, you could bring the car for a thorough service at a local RAC approved garage, and they’ll do the rest of the checkup easily.

Check your engine oil

It’s as simple as unscrewing the dipstick and checking the oil level. If the oil is low, top it up immediately with the same oil type. If your car doesn’t have enough oil, you’re risking something bad happening with your engine. However, too much oil can also do damage, so don’t go about pouring a whole bottle.

Listen to your battery

Don’t let your car battery drain on your vehicle because it will cause vehicular breakdowns. Instead, listen to your car as you turn the key in the ignition. If it starts slower than usual, chances are your battery’s falling flat. Have a certified mechanic check your battery’s output so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing power during your rides.

Always check your tyres

Ensure that your tyres have the recommended tyre pressure. Underinflating will lead to a bumpy ride, while overinflating will put your car at risk of a blowout. You also need to check the treads regularly through the 20p test. You must have at least 1.6mm of tread to drive safely.

Check your coolant liquids

Remember that your engines heat up and need the proper coolant liquid to keep them from overheating. Unscrew the cap of your radiator and check if it still has enough antifreeze and water to keep your engine at the right temperature. If not, don’t forget to top it up properly.

Test your brakes

Before you leave your garage, test whether your brakes engage, an avid driver will feel whether the brakes work as they are connected to the taillights. If they’re not working, ask a mechanic to come over to change the brake pads and do other necessary tasks.


Car maintenance need not be expensive as there are several activities you can do on your own. However, don’t forget to call a trusted mechanic or garage if you need additional servicing.


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